Ceiling Panels


FoamGrid® is molded from expandable polystyrene resin beads. Because of its’ dimensional stability and unusual insulating properties, CELLOFOAM® FoamGrid® is an ex­cellent product for use in ceiling applications.
The material is easily installed using a standard grid system, and the fact that it can be worked with standard wood working tools makes it especially easy for the do-it-yourself person.

CELLOFOAM® FoamGrid® is odorless, chemically inert, has no food value and will not support plant or animal life. With its closed cell structure, FoamGrid will not warp or sag and has resistance to moisture.
CELLOFOAM® FoamGrid® can modernize any ceiling by hiding the cracked or stained plaster. FoamGrid covers up unsightly ducts, pipes and wiring, yet still gives instant acces­sibility.

In addition to beauty and convenience, you’ll enjoy ad­ditional insulating and acoustical properties that make an area quieter and more comfortable.

Ease of Installation
Measure ceiling area-layout grid system-i)lace FoamGrid in grid. To fabricate, use sharp knife and straight edge.

Cleaning Ease
Remove panels, wipe clean with soap and water and replace.

Insulating Qualities
With a CELLOFOAM® FoamGrid® ceiling you add beauty and insulating value at the same time. FoamGrid® is made from the same material as Cellofoam building insulation.

Factory Mutual Approved
FoamGrid is Factory Mutual Approved for installation under sprinkler systems and in non-combustible buildings having occupancies that do not require sprinkler protection.